Prince Charlie Vest


Prince Charlie Vest 

Our Prince Charlie Vests are made in Scotland from 100% pure new wool Barathea. Stock jackets and vests are made using a black silk lining with a thistle silhouette motif. Available in sizes 38-46 short, regular, and long (sizes 48-52 add $35, sizes 54-56 add $45). Larger sizes are available upon request, please call for more information.

Special Order. Please allow 2-12 weeks for delivery.


Jacket Measuring Instructions

The instructions below are going to differ from what you may have read elsewhere, but in our experience are going to result in the best fit. You can also order based on a vest you already own that fits well, or go to a men's store to be professionally measured.

  1. Extend your arms straight out from your body. Take a full breath and hold it. Have someone measure you around your chest under your arms. Lower your arms to your side and measure your chest again. 
  2. You might want to get a relaxed belly measurement as well. 
  3. The larger of these three measurements is your vest size.
    NOTE — If your chest measurement is smaller than your belly measurement, you should probably go with the belly measurement as your vest size. Your vest will be looser in the shoulder, but comfortably fit your belly. This is up to you, but most people don't want to suck in their gut all evening long at a formal event. Better to trade fit for comfort.
  4. Last is to determine length. Strange but true: Your shoe size will determine your length. If you wear a size 9 or smaller, your vest will be a SHORT. Shoe size 9-11 order a REGULAR. Larger than 11 order a LONG.


Made in Scotland please allow 2-10 weeks for delivery.

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