Pewter Celtic Cross Trouser Buckle


Pewter Celtic Cross Trouser Buckle

Cornwall is one of the ancient homes of the Celts, and one of the world's oldest sources of pewter, and pewter craftsmanship! This is a fine pewter Celtic Cross trouser belt bukcle. It was handcrafted in Cornwall to fit a 1.5" trouser belt. it would howeve, go especially well with one of our celtic embossed trouser belts.  Each item comes in a presentation box

2.75" Diameter

I already owned one of these that I bought many years ago in a shop down in Fernandina Beach, Florida. I have used it SO much that the wear-and-tear of ten years had left my original dinged and scratched (10 years of life will do that to anything!). Now I have a beautiful, pristine version to wear for nice occasions (Church, weddings, etc) as well as my old 'everyday' buckle. The prong on the buckle keeps the belt securely fastened - the cutouts keep the buckle from being burdensomely heavy, and it is just the right size - doesn't dig into your belly or hip bones. A truly great belt-buckle design, field tested extensively by me.
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