Economy Inverness Rain Cape

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Economy Inverness Rain Cape

This Economy Inverness Rain Cape is a good-quality and an affordable price. Made from black, durable, waterproof, rubberized nylon or polyester (similar to standard raincoat material). It looks good, and it will keep you dry!

Te raincape is perfect. The delivery time was faster than Amazon. Thank you!
The Inverness rain coat was exactly as described. It fits well and looks good on me, if I say so myself. Living in the desert southwest, and going though a dry spell, I've not had the opportunity to try it out during a storm. But I am certain that it will do just fine.
I bought this cape about a year ago, and it has served it's purpose very well! I find my self wearing it not only with my kilt, but other clothes as well, when it is raining outside. Very Great!
I had one before, that got lost in the move. This one is even nicer!!!!!!
got its first test in a florida frog drowner first day i give it A+ looks great! cheap at twice the price
Excellent Cape, I wasn't excpecting the belt storage pouch with it though.
Excellent light weight cap, and the carry bag that fits on the belt is an added bonus.
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