Ghillie Brogue Laces and Tassels

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Ghillie Brogue Laces and Tassels

Replace your worn laces or missing tassels! Or, make your pair of ordinary wing - tip dress shoes look like ghillie brogues, simply by adding these laces and Real leather tassels!

These are standard-quality shoe laces, with real leather tassels. Not premium quality, but they get the job done!

If you can't afford the shoes. These laces worked perfect with my formal dress shoes. Tie them right by wrapping them six times in front. Two times in back and then tie them to the side where your flashing is on your socks.
The laces themselves are good, though I was disappointed in the quality of the tassels, which are chunky and stiff. Not bad overall.
A beautiful method of dressing up shoes you already have, giving them that extra feel of Scotland!
Good value for the price
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