Piper Kilt Hose

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Piper Kilt Hose

These are very comfortable, well made hose, preferred by pipe bands. Made with a "bobble" top (smaller bumplies than a popcorn top). Piper Hose are a nice option if you have long legs, because they can be worn optionally much "taller" than regular kilt hose. Sized according to Men's U.S. shoe size. NOTE — Women's sizes are 2 smaller than men's. Example: women's size 8 is a men's size 6. Woven in the U.K.  

White Acrylic Piper Kilt Hose

These hose are made from a high-quality, wool-free, 80/20 acrylic/nylon blend (because it's not possible to make wool pure white). If you are allergic to wool these are the hose for you! These acrylic kilt hose are great for larger calves because they stretch a bit more — up to 20". 

Black Wool Blend Piper Kilt Hose

These hose are made from a high-quality 40/40/20 wool/acrylic/nylon blend. Fits up to approximately an 18" calf.

If you want to look your best with dressy-casual or formal wear, kilt hose and flashes are essential. For casual wear, you can wear sandals, boots, or whatever you want to with your kilt, and still look great with kilt hose.

very satisfied
very satisfied
This is my second pair for my handsome laddie Grandson, A. Douglas Voss (only half scots - an interloper of sorts)... my pair are exceptional... very
classy, and only used in my formal kilt attire. I have several other colors for non-formal use.
Just received the piper hose. Excellent! Very soft, well made. I'm very happy with them.
Perfect fit, look great, speedy shipping.
Excellent product. They fit extremely well and looked great. Very good knitted design.
The fit is perfect and the knit is beautiful! Well worth the price.
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