Premium Quality Leather Knee-High Boots - Black

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Premium Quality Black Leather Knee-High Boots


Now you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for custom-made quality! These boots are easily as good as those expensive custom-made boots you pay 2-3 times more for at Renaissance festivals!

With their high-quality, leather uppers, soft, comfortable insole, and durable hiking-boot sole, these boots are constructed for style, durability, and all-day comfort.


Whether you wear them with a modern kilt or ancient kilt, these boots are equally at home. They'll add that finishing touch you've been looking for. (If you're going for a fully authentic renaissance period look, the durable hiking-boot sole is the only compromise you'll have to make. It's such a nice upgrade though from Ye Olden Days! If the "period police" give you any crappe, just use your durable hiking-boot sole to "impress" upon them the benefits!)


Do you have big calves or big feet? Have you found it nearly impossible to find boots that fit? Your search is over! Not only does the unique lace-up, split-side design makes these boots easy on and easy off, it also allows them to fit even very large calves.

Made to fit a wide foot comfortably. If you have an "extra-wide" foot, they may not. Give them a try. Wear them around the house a little. If they don't work for you and your cave-man feet, just return them. We'll be bummed that they didn't work out for you, but we'll happily take them back for a full refund (minus shipping).


Boots measure approximately 18" tall. Available in whole sizes 5-15. These boots tend to run a bit large, so if you normally wear a half-size, you'll probably be happy with the fit of the same numbered whole size. For example, if you normally wear a size 9 1/2 US, order a size 9. 


Although it looks really cool, and it makes it easy to put your boots on, the split design feature has one drawback - if you step in a water puddle, your feet are going to get wet. (The same applies to most footwear.)  

Special Order: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
These are great! They have space for a decent insole but I haven't needed any yet. I don't mind the extra width in the ankle because I usually wear them over blue jeans. If it helps anyone with sizing, they wear the same as US Army combat boots.
I am very happy with these boots. The quality is excellent and the break in is minimal. One bit of advice - when they say that the boots will fit very large calves, they mean it. If you have average calves, expect to have some lacing left over.
High quality boots. Easy to put on and quite comfortable. Constructed nicely and should last a long time. They look very good, just as good as the boots selling for twice as much elsewhere! I'm planning to wear them with Highland wear of all sorts as well as garb for Ren Faire and Pirate Fests...and all sorts of fun stuff! Very happy with my purchase!
great boots look better than in catalog. Mad complements and ladies checking me out, wife says the kilt looks sexier with them on.
I bought these same boots at a Ren Faire for 300 bucks. THEY ARE GREAT IN EVERY WAY. You don't have to worry about replacing the buttons because they are secured by a screw so if you managed to get a button off, all you would have to do is screw it back on. I paid a lot more for them than they charge here so this is a great buy. These boots are heavy duty top grain leather and will last at least long enough for you to hand them down to your grand children. They will probably last a lot longer than that. I have many expensive cowboy boots and I like these just as much or even more. They go with both casual and formal and are great in the snow. Buy them now, you won't regret it.
Love the look and received many compliments during a local Ren Faire! That said the leather could be softer but that can be worked with and they are hard to lace and keep snug around the foot. I did find that Leather laces held better and were easier on my hands as I snugged up the laces. Great boots and a great price! Friendly informative help and the fastest delivery I have seen in ages! Highly recommend!
I've worn these boots for about 2 weeks before writing a review. The break in time was negligible, the comfort is unrivaled, the looks and cost are unbeatable.
The boots are roomy enough to put inserts in, and if you have high arches, I highly recommend doing so. These boots are well worth the money, and then some. Get these boots you won't regret it.
Saw some 8 button boots at the Ren fairs for 3 times as much, but these are 3 times better than those. Better souls, leather, comfort. I am so glad I saw these here and decided to get them.
Amazing quality made to last and extremely comfortable. Price was a bit high but it is well worth the price for comfort and quality.
I am so very pleased not only with the boots but the service... you have gained a loyal customer thank you...
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