Medium Weight Premium Wool Pipers Plaid


Medium Weight Premium Wool Pipers Plaid

Compliment your kilt with a matching piper's plaid! A piper's plaid is not just for pipers. It can also be worn for very formal occasions. Wear it with a Prince Charlie or other formal attire. Made from a full width of tartan, 3 1/2 yards long! One end of the plaid is pleated and stitched, and is usually worn across the body. It also looks excellent folded and brooched on the shoulder as our friend Ronald is pictured wearing it here.

In order to make your plaid properly, we need some measurements from you:
1) Your chest size
2) Measurement from the top of your shoulder, diagonally to the kilt-waist, at your side.
3) Your height
4) Which shoulder do you want to wear it on? (Hint — if you are right-handed, you'll want it on your left shoulder.)

This pipers plaid is made in Scotland from medium weight (12-13oz.) premium 100% wool tartan, pleated and finished on each end with a fine purled edge.

Each is custom-made just for you. Please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

Please allow 6-12 weeks

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