Homespun Tartan Fly Plaid


Homespun Tartan Fly Plaid (catalog tartan list O)

Recommended as an accessory to match our Homespun Economy Kilts and Phillabegs. As you can see from the picture, it is brooched at the shoulder and allowed to drape down the back. In general you want to choose a fly plaid made from the same fabric as your kilt.

The standard finish is about an inch of fringe on each cut end of the fabric — just enough to keep it from fraying. Because Homespun is a looser weave, deep fringe (about 2 inches) is standard. The other two sides are the finished fabric selvedges. Other finish options are available.

Choose standard size (36" x 54") or XL (54" x 54").

Our Homespun tartan is made from a 55/45 blend of polyester and wool. It is woven by hand on old-world looms, and looks very authentic to what would have been woven historically. The yarn is worsted, but not spun as tightly as modern machine-made tartan. The cloth is also not as tightly woven. Homespun tartan will pleat by hand easily, but will not develop a sharp edge. Small snags, pulls, holes and other assorted blemishes are common. Because it is hand woven, these flaws are a natural part of it's character. Homespun is approximately a 10/11 oz. fabric, but feels thicker due to it's looser weave.

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Made-to-order. Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.
Very happy with mine, the Tartan is well made and it looks amazing
This is a great addition to formal attire, and a good price as well! Thanks
This looks great with my kilt and my argyll jacket. They will love it at the highland games.
These guys met their deadline with time to spare and the product was exactly what I had in mind when ordering. This is a purchase I don't regret in the least.
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