Light Weight Premium Wool Fly Plaid


Light Weight Premium Wool Fly Plaid

Recommended as an accessory to match our Casual Kilts, Formal Kilts, and Phillabegs. As you can see from the picture, it is brooched at the shoulder and allowed to drape down the back. In general you want to choose a fly plaid made from the same fabric as your kilt.

The standard finish is about an inch of fringe on each cut end of the fabric — just enough to keep it from fraying. Because some light-weight tartans are woven with selvage edges, and some aren't, we fringe all four sides. Other finishes are also available.

Choose standard size (36" x 58") or XL (54" x 58").

Note — Sizes are approximate, and can vary by an inch or two.

Woven in Scotland and made by us here in the USA. These fly plaids are made from 100% premium wool in your choice of light weight (11/12oz) tartan. Your choice of fringed or knotted finish.

Special-Order. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

Woven in Scotland please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery.
Well worth the wait. It looks great with my Cunningham kilt. Makes me proud to be a Scottsman.
the fly plaid is everything that it was expected to be. Quality of material is good.
I love mine! The colors are great and the fabric has a great feel to it. So nice to finally have my tartan.
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