Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin

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Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin

This Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin is cast in brass, with an antiqued lacquer finish. Technically this is an Economy item, but it's so nice we have trouble calling it that. 3 1/2" Long. Compliments any kilt!

This kilt pin is included in our Antiqued Thistle Collection. Save $20 on a set of 4 antiqued thistle accessories!

LIke the product, is what I looked for and keeps my kilt from flopping in the breeze!
The detail and size are very good. The closure is poor and opens up frequently. I had to make a "pliers adjustment" to keep the hasp from opening up on its own.
There are less expensive items, but not as good of quality.
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