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Acrylic Piper Kilt Hose

Piper Kilt Hose

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Acrylic Piper Kilt Hose

These acrylic kilt hose are great for larger calves and longer legs. Preferred by pipebands. If you want to look your best with dressy-casual or formal wear, kilt hose and flashes are essential. For casual wear, you can wear sandals, boots, or whatever you want to with your kilt. In these cases, kilt hose are optional, and any socks will do the job.

Great for anyone, but if you have large calves these are the hose for you! Will stretch to fit a 20 inch calf! These are very comfortable, well made hose. Made in a 80/20 acrylic & nylon blend with a "bobble" top (smaller bumplies than a popcorn top). Sized according to Men's U.S. shoe size. NOTE – Women's sizes are 2 smaller than men's. Example: women's size 8 is a men's size 6. Woven in the UK.  

Fits up to approximately an 18" calf.

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