CD - Albannach - self titled

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CD — Albannach (self titled)

Albannach is not just another 'Pipes and Drums' band. You will recognize Jamesie, Davey, Donnie and Jacquie as former members of a well known band that broke up a few years ago... Albannach brings you a brand new approach to percussion and Celtic music. It's exciting , energetic, and enchanting, and we promise it will leave you wishing for more!

Have a listen! (MP3 format)
Unleash the Albannach
In Bed With Quinsy
The Wanted Man of Barra

This band is absolutely amazing and I love this CD!
Great music, great sound.
Excellent CD! Makes you proud to be Celtic and want to become more in touch with your roots. Raw passion at it's finest!
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