Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

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Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

For a high-quality bodhran starter set, this is the best deal going! You won't find a better way to get started learning to play the bodhran! Purchased separately, all this would cost a lot more.

You get a 18" bodhran, handcrafted from the finest materials. The 4-ply laminated wood frame is light and strong, and also makes it more resistant to changes due to humidity. The wood-grain shows nicely through the medium-brown finish.

The head is made from real goatskin — the most traditional, and very best material for a bodhran head.

A matching brown leather band gives it a nice, finished look. The leather band is fastened all the way around with decorative, brass tacks.

Package includes:

  • Waltons 18" Standard Celtic Cross Bodhran
  • Hardwood Tipper (beater)
  • DVD Beginners Guide to The Bodhran, by Conor Long
  • 18" Zippered Nylon Bodhran Case
Quick service and delivery.
Drum sounds great. Now, if only I can learn to play it well.
High quality at a reasonable price.
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