Presentation Haggis Kit with 6 Cans of Haggis


Presentation Haggis Kit with 6 Cans of Haggis

Why not host your own Burns Supper this year? And what's a Burns Supper without a presentation haggis?!

Our presentation haggis kit is easy to prepare. Just stuff, steam, and serve! Prepare your presentation haggis when you want to, rather than timing it just right as with the frozen haggis. You also save money on shipping because the kit doesn't need to be shipped overnight, and you can choose to present any one of the three different kinds of haggis we have available.

Kit Includes:

  • 6 cans of haggis (your choice of any of three varieties above)
  • Presentation Haggis Casing
  • Pre-cut string to bind the end of the casing
  • Easy preparation instructions.

Yields more than 20 generous 4oz. servings! (If your gathering will be small, you don't need to stuff all 6 cans - you can make a smaller presentation haggis, and save one or more cans for later.)

Always top-notch for service and quick delivery, I know I can depend on your shop and your products. This year's haggis is going to show up for new years day.
We love the Hard Core Haggis as it is very close to Scottish Haggis I used to eat when I lived in Scotland. We've had the presentation kit for the last 2 Burn's suppers and it always looks and tastes great.
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