Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

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Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

  • The latest edition of Euro Talk's best-selling language software for beginners
  • Start learning a new language, wherever you are with this beginner level program which includes 9 different topics and essential vocabulary you'll actually use.
  • Available on CD-ROM or as a download for your computer
  • Learn through addictive games and activities. Record yourself to practice pronunciation. Includes a printable phrasebook to reinforce skills.
  • Learn from 120 base languages, not just English!

Talk Now is the best possible start for your language learning, suitable for travelers, holiday makers, business people, school children, students, families, or anyone who wants to start learning a language - as a complete beginner this is a great interactive (and addictive) method. Talk Now has sold an estimated 10 million copies worldwide, making Euro talk the world's best-selling language learning software program for beginners. How does it work? Talk Now tackles the basics in a hands on way and is a fun introduction to essential vocabulary and phrases. The program offers 10 sub-categories, all with their own words, phrases, speaking practice and games. the on-screen tutor will pronounce the words and the phrases and then, using your computer's built-in-microphone, you can records yourself as you repeat them and listen to your own pronunciations so you can fine tune your language skills! What new in this edition? The 2015 Talk Now is an exciting seamless way to learn. This disc and download contain special features such as speech recording, which enables you to compare your voice with native speakers.  There are 4 levels of quiz so you can test what you have learned and monitor your progress. If English isn't your first language you need not worry as the software includes automatic localization, which lets you choose one of 120 languages to learn from. The course comes on CD-ROM so you can put it in your disc drive and start learning right away! Do disc drive? No problem! You will also receive a download code so you can download Talk Now to your computer. With Talk Now, you can also learn with the whole family and add separately named profiles, so you can all keep your own progress tracker! Make it a game, add the whole family to Talk Now and see who reaches 1800 points first! 

I love languages speak just 8 of them just now - but with Scot's heritage what's not to love about learning Gaelic? Although Pictish would be better - but then no one knows that one any more! Easy to operate, two voices speaking - one male and one female, and fun playing all the games! Rachaibh air a shon!
Seems to be good, I like the way they do it in both the male and female speakers as it gives you a better understanding of what it should sound like.
I like the material being presented by both male and female speakers. It allows you to hear speech differences. The games help a lot . But the best feature is being able to record your self speaking and compare it to the native speakers.
Thank you for the great service; ordered Sunday night, shipped Monday, received Wednesday
A very good way to start to learn Gaelic. I am anxious to see what the advanced instructional cd's have to offer.
seems to be a good program but could use a more detailed booklet with instructions. Have not been able to try the games but think they will help me to learn faster.
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