So You're Going To Wear The Kilt

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So You're Going To Wear The Kilt

Interesting, detailed, and informative! Author J Charles Thompson's discussion of how the kilt and accessories are to be worn. A terrific guide and reference manual for the beginner or experienced wearer of kilts.

Keep in mind though, that Thompson admits to being very rigid in his opinions and recommendations (see quote below). Most American readers are going to take a more relaxed attitude about the rules, restrictions, and protocols. (Kilt freedom!)

Excerpt from Preface:
"Do not take any of my opinions as authoritative, but feel free to disagree with any or all of them!...I am not a purist in matters of Scottish dress, but I have been careful to include the opinion of those who tend to that extreme."

Recently revised and updated by Iain Gray. 96 pages. New pocket-guide size. Measures 4" wide x 5 3/4" tall.

It's all good.
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