Coat of Arms Gold Ring

Coat-of-Arms Ring 10K Gold

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Coat of Arms Gold Ring

Coat-of-Arms ring for men and women, hand crafted in 10K or 14K gold. Available in 100's of family names. Choose any whole or half size 5–17.

This design is our "Knight" style, with the knight's helmet facing left. Occasionally, depending on your specific coat-of-arms, the helm might be replaced by an element of the arms.

Special order: Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.

Important Note — If your last name is Scottish, and your name has an associated Clan crest available, you probably shouldn't be ordering a coat-of-arms product. You should be ordering one of our many Clan crest products instead.

Why? Because by Scottish heraldic law, the coat-of-arms belongs to the Clan Chief. Members of the Clan are only authorized to wear the Chief's coat-of-arms when it is enclosed within the circular belt and buckle.

If you really like the design of our coat-of-arms product, and you want to order it anyway, we'll still encourage you not to, but the choice is yours. Just be aware that there are some who will take offense.

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