Khaki Military-Style Balmoral/Tam Special Offer

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Khaki Military-Style Balmoral/Tam Special Offer

This is a good quality hat made from a lightweight wool blend. It's a traditional brown khaki color in a summer-weight cloth. These are really nice hats.

Why the special price?

This was supposed to be a shipment of our regular Khaki Balmoral. They arrived in a slightly different color than our typical stock, and in sizes we don't normally keep in stock. That said, they're still great hats. Wear it to compliment your Scottish or Irish attire, or wear it as your everyday hat. If you are unsure of your size, measure your head and consult the chart above.

What exactly is khaki?

The word khaki , in military context, refers to the color of the uniform. Depending on the unit and the time period, this color can vary anywhere from desert sand to GI green. Our hat is based on the Scottish, Irish, British, and Canadian hats of WWII. The color is more green than tan or brown. (The Irish version didn't have the pom pom (toorie) on the top. If you want to wear this hat authentic WWII Irish regimental style, just cut off the pom pom.)

The khaki balmoral was introduced in 1915 for wear in the trenches by Scottish infantry serving on the Western Front. This came to be known as the 'Bonnet', or 'Tam o' Shanter' later abbreviated to 'ToS.' Today, the Royal Regiment of Scotland and some regiments of the British and Canadian Forces continue to wear the ToS as undress and working headgear. The various battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland identify themselves by wearing distinctive colored hackles on their bonnets.

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I've always thought these looked classy. I'm not Scottish, been doing my family tree and found I am English/Irish. I know I had English, hoped for some Scottish, was slightly shocked I had Irish.
Either way, awesome hat! Quality is excellent, love the color. And will most likely order more.
Living in the pacific northwest, we used to have The Scottish Shopper here, but long gone now. So finding The Celtic Croft, has re-awaken my celtic spirit.
Price was great and the fit was perfect for my large head.
I understand that these are limited and they may not be consistently colored. The construction is solid and the size is spot-on, but while the tam is the color shown in the photograph the rest of the cap is not even close (it's grayish-green, like od with too much gray). I understand that this is a fluke scenario, but I am still pretty disappointed.
This hat is the very thing that I needed when I am wearing more casual attire. Yea, even working in my garden. It fits perfectly and I am well pleased.
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