Braveheart Rustic Wool Tartan Single Width


Braveheart Rustic Wool Tartan Single Width

Planning to make your own Ancient kilt? Now you can order Braveheart tartan in a long, single-width piece, and save yourself some work cutting and splicing double-width tartan. This tartan is 30" wide with one cut edge, and one kilting selvage. Priced per yard.

This is the same 100% wool tartan, woven in Scotland by the same weaver, as that used in the filming of the movie Braveheart! A very rustic tartan, woven in natural wool and earthtones believed to be authentic to that period.

13oz. (medium weight) 100% wool tartan, woven in Scotland. Please enter your quantity in whole yards below. Usually in stock for immediate delivery.

Just a reminder “ tartan is not returnable, so please order a swatch first if you are unsure.

Fantastic quality. Amazing responses from sales and customer care. Highly recommended.
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