Swatch Medium Weight Tartan


Swatch Medium Weight Tartan

When you have more than one tartan to choose from, requesting swatches is a great way to decide which tartan you like best before investing in your kilt. Each swatch is approximately 6-8 inches square. Swatches are not returnable.

Important Note ” Unless otherwise noted, please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. We agree that this is a long time to wait for a swatch. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it. Our swatches come from several different weavers in Scotland, and they don't all place the priority on swatches that we would like them to. In fact, some of them only cough up swatches very grudgingly, after we pester them two or three times with repeated requests. Sorry. We do the best we can to get them to you as quickly as possible!

Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.
Ordered these swatches as gift for cousin who has been searching for Moffat tartan. She was delighted and has framed them with her pictures of those ancestors of the Moffat Clan. They were nice size to give real idea of the original.
Received two different clan tartans in two different orders. Being shown at family reunion to bring family members closer to their heritage.
These swatches definitely help in making important decisions a whole lot easier. The swatches show enough of a sett to give a good picture.
Great material! I got three different swatches to determine which tartan to wear at my wedding (ancient or modern). Now I have some material to use for whatever else I may need :-)
I got two different Clan tartans, this one was used as backing for 3 Sgian dubhs, to be displayed while hosting 6 clan tents at Scottish games this summmer.Very nice!
Great material, being used as the backing for a Clan Crest badge and Kilt pin.To be displayed at 6 Scottish Games this summer at my Clan tent.
Excellent material, swatch material will be used to display a clan Kilt pin and clan crest badge during 6 scottish games this summer.
Excellent material, this is being used as the backing on my headgear, similar to the way the government used for regements.
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