The Officer Clan Crest Sgian Dubh


The Officer Clan Crest Sgian Dubh

Expertly crafted from brass, real wood and stainless steel. The first recorded use of this type of utility knife was in the Crimean War, but because of the cost and complexity of manufacturer, it was always considered a gentleman's accessory.

The original had a corkscrew and hoof pick, however for modern day use we have replaced the pick with a screwdriver/bottle opener. Other features include: a fine-quality stainless steel blade, a corkscrew, and a nicely embossed real leather sheath.

Almost 200 Clan (and non-clan) crests to choose from (catalog Clan list R). Special-order. Please allow 3-8 weekds for delivery.

Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.
I know this was an impulse buy, but I just couldn't resist the multi-purpose aspect of it. What a delight. Well made, and very useful; not to mention quite the topic when one slips it out to put it use.
Well made, very sharp and the corkscrew works just fine. Solid but not too heavy in the hose
I am very impressed with my new sgian dubh. I knew it was a special order item and ordered it a couple months before I needed it, expecting that it would arrive at the last minute. Lo and behold, I check my order status on April 25th to find that it has shipped. I thought it had just barely shipped out but on the 26th my sgian dubh arrived!

I need to play with the corkscrew and bottle opener/screwdriver things some more to loosen them up, but it looks great!

Thank you so much!
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