Classic Wrought Iron Penannular Brooch

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Classic Wrought Iron Penannular Brooch

The "penannular" (in the form of a ring but with a small part of the circumference missing) brooch became popular in the Celtic world at least as far back as 600 AD. Made from bronze, iron, silver, and gold, penannular brooches remained popular all the way through the Viking era.

Our Wrought Iron Penannular Brooch is simple, affordable, and historically accurate. Because they are hand-forged, each one is unique. Very cool! The 3" diameter makes it a very versatile size. An excellent choice for fastening your great kilt, ancient kilt, earasaid, or fly plaid.

Be aware ” wrought iron will rust if not properly cared for. Your brooch will arrive packed in protective coating of oil. This keeps them from rusting in storage and transit. Just wipe it clean with a paper towel before first use. Keep it dry and you'll be good to go. You may want to coat it once in a while with a good rust-inhibiting oil (such as products typically used to clean and protect guns).

Super service..... I needed this item for an event, and they expedited the shipping "in the spirit of the season" to get it to me in time!
That's REAL customer service!
Great pennanular brooche!!!!!
Love this with my sash; perfect! Distinctive, yet simple. Perfect with casual Highland dress!
Sturdy. Looks primitive and authentic. Perfect for my garb.
A beautiful brooch. Great antique look. Can't beat the price either.
I had looked high and low for a reasonably priced pennanular brooch to wear with my belted plaid. I needed something that was large enough and substantial enough to hold the plaid over my shoulder and look appropriate. The brooch, when I received it, was absolutely perfect in every way. I appreciate that it is hand wrought and in a style that was worn before and during the Jacobite period. I had, in fact, nearly resigned myself to the idea that, should I want something appropriate to my needs, I was going to have to fashion it myself! Pleasant surprise!! This piece is properly rustic, in its design, and perfectly functional in its wearing. I couldn't be happier with it. I am a bagpiper and favor the older Jacobite style of dress when I perform. This couldn't be better.
Received in great condition, excellent piece of work
Excellent! Looks like an antique. WIll hold a heavy kilt/shawl/woolen scarf. Reminds me of OUTLANDER. A great buy!
I love classics this one is a gift for my wife.
The brooch looks absolutely great. Can't wait to use it with my plaid. Thank you Celtic Croft!!!
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