Don McKee Pewter Lion Plaid Brooch

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Don McKee Pewter Lion Plaid Brooch

This Rampant Lion plaid brooch is made by Don McKee, he is world famous for his work, and these are some of Don's finest examples of craftmanship! Perfect for great kilts and ancient kilts, a bit heavy for fly plaids. Made in the USA! Aprox. 3 1/2" X 3 1/2"

I totally Loved this piece when it arrived. I was actually looking for something to offset the weight of all that material in the tartan fly that hangs over the shoulder. The fact that it can be worn with Scottish or Irish Tartans makes me particularly happy since I'm one of those Northern Ireland Rebels that still likes to wear a Kilt JUST so I can tell people that "I'm not Scottish" HAH !
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