Antiqued Thistle Economy Plaid Brooch


Antiqued Thistle Economy Plaid Brooch

This thistle plaid brooch is cast in brass, with an antiqued lacquer finish. Technically this is an Economy item, but it's so nice we have trouble calling it that. Compliments any Scottish attire. This plaid brooch has a sturdy clasp, suitable for any piper's plaid, fly plaid, great kilt, or ancient kilt. It measures approximately 3 ¼ inches across.

This plaid brooch is included in our Antiqued Thistle Collection. Save $20 on a set of 4 antiqued thistle accessories!

I love the design of this brooch and it is solid and well-made. I am making an art piece with multiple kilt brooches and it is a lovely addition with great Scot flair.
I got this item because it was an economy item, and it is better than I was expecting. Also, it is larger and heavier than I expected. Great quality! And the antiqued laquer finish really adds to its look. Really satisfied with my purchase here!
A great Brooch. Solid, well made and attractive as well as being inexpensive. It is just a matter of taste but I like this better than the more expensive ones with the large "jewels" in them.
Wow. Truely antiqued and beautifully cast. Thanks!
Heavy and well built, this inexpensive brooch did the job it is designed for, with no issues.
A truly great brooch, solid won't bend and the pin is sharp and goes through heavy wool / wool blends with ease. The finish is good and looks good with any tartan you want to wear.
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