Clan Crest Lapel Pin


Clan Crest Lapel Pin

This Clan Crest Lapel Pin is a nice light weight option you can pin on anywhere! Makes a great scarf, sash, or hat pin when the traditional clan crest badge is just too heavy. 100+ clans to choose from. Measures 1.5" long and 3/4" wide.

Scottish clans originated in the Highlands. Each one originally identifies with a specific area of Scotland and an individual Clan Chief. These Clan Crest Lapel Pins are a perfect way to show your Scottish pride!

Please allow 1-8 weeks for delivery.

  • Made in Scotland
  • Polished pewter
  • Pin back
  • Measures 1.5" long and 3/4" wide
Please allow 1-8 weeks for delivery
These are very High Quality
Nice workmanship, size and detail. My husband is proud to display his heritage on his lapel in his every day life with this pin.
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