Request our New 2019 Catalog! (USA Only)


Request our New 2019 Catalog! (USA Only)

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Request a copy of The Celtic Croft Catalog! 60+ pages of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Celtic products. Now including officially licensed OUTLANDER: The Series kilts, tartan products, and accessories! 

Would you like Celtic Croft Catalogs for your Clan, band, or organization? Please contact us to introduce yourself and your organization, and we'll be happy to send you as many FREE catalogs as you need. Please also see our Clans, Bands, and Associations Affiliate Program:



Watch for the new catalog to hit your mailbox the end of March.
I like to have a catalog at the SAMS at the games. Very helpful in helping new people to find what they may need. I especially like to be able to show them a picture of their tartan. I always take a copy when I go to do a presentation to JROTC students. They love it. - Lachlan
It's a catalog. It has stuff in it. Stuff for sale. Lots of good stuff, which I would like to purchase. I would say that this product meets my expectations quite well.
The information and history about Scottish kilts and traditions is well written and accurate. for either the novice or the seasoned afficinado. The variety of kilts, accessories, jackets, hose and other items is extensive and will allow the person preparing to wear Scottish traditional items to not only be correctly attired but quite stylish.
My heritage is Scots thru Hendersons.
Very timely, nice catalog.
Having a Scottish Party in Oct. Need some stuff!
Got a catalog and one to share. It's a hit!
Great items pass out to people and they see their Tartan
love this book....
Very nice catalog. Amazing selection of products.
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