Toy Bagpipes


Toy Bagpipes

These Toy Bagpipes come with a chanter that actually plays when you blow the pipes! The chanter is essentially a good-quality, functional, practice chanter. Although it is intended as a toy, you could use this as a practice instrument, if you really wanted to.

The pipe bag is made of plastic, and comes with a Royal Stewart tartan bag cover, and matching red drone ribbon. Plastic blowpipe, and non-functional plastic drones. Made in Canada.

Makes a great gift! (Comes in a nice gift box.)

Special Order:
Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.
Just a word of THANK YOU. The order has arrived. I had to try the pipes with a choirs of "Danny Boy". Wasn't what I expected, but, it's a toy, or I'm rusty. I certainly did not expect the pipes to be wearing the Royal Stewart cover. It and the umbrella matches my balloon twisting uniform perfectly. This should improve the visits from my little guests.

I see the lady on the cover of your catalog is also wearing Royal Steward.

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