Dunbar P3 Highland Pipes

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Dunbar P3 Highland Pipes

Dunbar P3 Great Highland Bagpipes

The Dunbar Model P3 has full imitation ivory mounts. These look nearly the same as the Piper's Choice Deluxe Model pipes. What you are paying extra for here is the Dunbar name and reputation. Many players will argue that it's worth the extra money. Dunbar is a very well respected pipemaker. They make high quality, affordable, professional-quality bagpipes.

The actual pipes have a lifetime warranty. The bag, bag cover, cord, and reeds are guaranteed against defects, but will last more or less time depending on how they are cared for.

The only difference between the three different Dunbar models is cosmetic — you can pay more for nickel or imitation ivory mounts if you like how they look, but they are going to play and sound the same. Dunbars come standard with a zippered Canmore Gortex bag, considered by many pipers to be the best pipe bag available. If you prefer a traditional leather bag, you can choose an L&M Elk Hide bag instead (in our opinion, the best leather bag available). Dunbar pipes are made in Canada.

Special order. Please allow 3–6 weeks for delivery.

Important Note for Beginners — If you don't know how to play the bagpipes yet, you'll need to start with a practice chanter. Please don't purchase bagpipes until you know you are ready for them. The average learner will play a practice chanter for about a year before moving up to a full set of bagpipes. Contact your local pipeband for free lessons, and when the time comes, advice on buying your first set of pipes.

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